Our Repair & Calibration Services

At Poddymeter Ltd we can (if economically viable) repair and/or re-calibrate any of our products you have that require servicing. We calibrate our products against a traceable UKAS Master.

Calibration costs are listed below. Any fittings needed for the repair of a device may be added to the cost accordingly.


Calibration Types

We offer 2 different types of calibration service;

  • A simple statement of calibration to show that the gauge has been tested against a UKAS certified master.
  • We also offer a complete calibration certificate with figures of the calibrated gauge reading against the UKAS certified master.

The prices below reflect the cost of each type.


  • Manometer Waterflow Test Set

Due to our calibration process using gas flow to test the meter, all manometer waterflow test sets need to have the water flushed out then drained and refilled of their indicating fluid in order to test accurately. This incurrs an extra £50.00 refurbishment cost.

Price of full calibration certificate and refurbishment (excluding any parts required) : £150.00 per manometer

All other gauges are the same price for re-calibration (also excluding any parts fpr repair that may be required) :                                                            

                                                        Calibration Statement    Calibration Certificate

  • 6000WFV-Q                                                                   
  • 6000 gas
  • 2000WF
  • 2000GF
  • Precision Upright Manometer                   £54.00                      £82.00 
  • Precision Inclined Manometer
  • Flow Dial Gauge
  • Variable Area Flowmeter
  • U-Tube Manometer





Repairs to any of the above products will depend on the extent of damage or parts required to carry out the full repair. So prices for each will vary with each application. Please contact us by phone or email us for any enquiries regarding gauge repairs.


We're always happy to provide any additional information about our services. Contact us using the contact details on the right of the page.