RED/2 'J' Gauge

For soundness and pressure testing of mains and services.


  • 0-120 mBAR/ 0-48" w.g.
  • Length only 80cm (31.5")
  • Weight only 1Kg (2.2lbs)
  • Clear readings to 0.5 mBAR (1/10" w.g.)
  • No un-coiling, un-folding or filling
  • Safe, inert, non-toxic indicating liquid
  • Anti-spill trap tubes and overpressure check valve


Single-column manometer, clear acrylic indicating tube.

Rigid PVC chambers and case with sliding/snap-on lid and suspending ring.


Inert blue indicating fluid S.G. 1.99 at 15ºC, non-freezing, totally non-corrosive. A 10ml dispensing top up bottle for making up evaporation losses can be supplied at a small extra cost.


Dual unit scale length 58cm (23") subdivided into 0.5 mBAR (1/10" w.g.)

Trap tubes in chambers prevent loss of fluid from spillage.

Ball float in liquid column aids reading and forms efficient over-pressure check valve.

A higher range X/RED/2 (0-60" WG/0-150 mBAR) is also available with a longer scale and the same resolution. It has a longer overall length at 96cm (38") and minimal extra weight.

Model Range and Prices


Dual Scale Range

Price (£) Excl. VAT

(Min. Order 5 Units)


0 - 48 in WG / 0 - 120 mBAR



0 - 60 in WG / 0 - 150 mBAR


Prices for bulk purchases and distributor/stockist call offs available on request.