Portable U-Gauges

Standard Plumber's U Tube Manometer

Typically used for soundness testing and gas pressure checks in domestic gas installations.

Three Models

POP/1   - 0-12 in W.G./30 mBAR

POP/18 - 0-18 in W.g./45 mBAR

POP/2   - 0-24 in W.G./60 mBAR


The 'POP' U-Gauges have a high impact PVC case and lid with the indicating column being made out of unbreakable flexible PVC tube.

Quick to use with easy sliding snap on lid (encorporating stand on certain models). Positive zeroing by moving scale. Suction pad is fitted to the back for hanging while in use.

Easy to fill and read, even with tap water. Wide bore tube with printed line dual scale behind.

Supplied with short length of rubber hose.

Model Range and Prices


Dual Scale Range

Price (£) Excl. VAT


POP/1 (With Stand)

0 - 12 in WG / 0 - 30 mBAR


POP/18 (With Stand)

0 - 18 in WG / 0 - 45 mBAR


POP/2 (Without Stand)

0 – 24 in WG / 0 – 60 mBAR


Prices for bulk purchases or distrbutor/stockist call offs available on request.