Series 6000 WFV-Q

Hydronic Digital Manometer / Water Flow Portable Test Set




  • Rugged transducer arrangement
  • Damped steady readings
  • Overpressure warning light
  • Lo-Bat indication
  • Usable in case with hanging strap
  • Pockets for tubing & adaptor storage
  • Detachable quick release tubing & valves

Suitable for Differential Pressure measurement across balancing valves, orifice plates, chillers etc. in waterflow systems.

Flow rate can be related to D.P. using individual valve charts/KV values. All units are leak tested to 10 Bar and calibrated before desptach. The unit comes complete with a calibration certificate, pair of binder adaptors and a padded carry case with a pocket for storage of the nylon tubing & female adaptors.

The instrument is usable in the carry case, the strap having a quick release break in the middle for convenience.

Simple to use, just turn on, zero, connect, flush and close valve to read. Providing the line pressure does not exceed 10 Bar no damage can be incurred by the transducer arrangement, if one side only is accidentally pressurised. If the static pressure is exceeded a warning light is illuminated.

Model Price Excl. VAT
6000WFV-Q £742.00



  • Range :    0 – 199.9 KPa
  • Max Line & single port overpressure :    10 BAR G
  • Accuracy:     0 – 20 KPa : +/- 0.1 KPa

                        Over 20 KPa : +/- 0.2 KPa or 0.5% whichever is greater

  • Battery Life :    100 hours approx
  • Transducer wetted parts :    316 stainless steel
  • Size & weight :    280 x 110 x 50 mm ; 0.9 KG
  • Calibration period :    12 Months
  • Operating Temperature: 0 - 50 deg. C (at transducer)








 The 6000WFV-Q has quick release connections fitted with robust ball valves attached to the tubing for easy storage. This arrangement allows for easy single point pressure readings with the unconnected side open to atmosphere.


6000WFV-Q Spares





 Tap Adaptor - For cold water priming.

                        Recommended for use on                             hot water systems.

                        £18.00 each





 6000TVQ - Quick Release Connectors

                  & Valves with Tubing for

                  6000WFV-Q & 6200MF                                   (Red & Blue)

                   £60.00 per pair


Other commissioning spares such as Binder & Mechseal adaptors are available on our commissioning accessories page.